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LaserBond 100 Liquid Ink is a water-based concentrate and needs to be shaken vigorously for 1 – 2 minutes to insure that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed and then diluted with denatured alcohol by at least 1:1 for manual application using, preferably, a foam brush OR by at least 2:1 for application using an airbrush or spray gun and it is recommended that the spray be applied by holding the nozzle about 10” – 12” away from the surface and misting the LaserBond 100 directly onto it using a side-to-side motion. Dilution ratios of up to 5:1 have proven to work successfully; however you should start with these lower dilution guidelines and increase the amount of denatured alcohol until a smooth and even coat is achieved. The dilution with denatured alcohol is important as it helps to break the surface tension and keeps the LaserBond 100 from beading up or separating/streaking on the substrate surface.

LaserBond 100 Liquid - 125 grams

SKU: lq0125
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