Laser Marking on different objects

Laser Bonding Technology

Laser bonding is the most robust marking technology to get around as it produces precise and durable markings on a variety of surfaces including glass, metal, ceramic, and stone. It's a well-established technology that first gained traction in the mid-1990s and has shown to work with Fiber, Nd: YAG, and DPSS laser systems.

Not all laser marking technologies are created equal!

Unlike traditional marking methods such as laser engraving and ablation which are often time-consuming and unreliable, laser bonding can accurately mark your physical items in a matter of seconds.


While most forms of engraving involve part removal, laser bonding gets the job done without compromising on the structural integrity of the substrate.

How Does It Work?

Laser bonding is an additive process which employs a coherent laser beam in conjunction with a particular marking spray to permanently fuse the marking agent to the material with no harm to the surface, as is done in other marking methods.


Whether it's for branding, coding, personalization, product tracking, or complying to quality control standards, it all comes down to one solution: LaserBond 100, an all-purpose solution for all your marking needs.

The Super-Fast, Three-Step Process!

Our laser metal marking formulation (LBT100) has a simple workflow, making it ideal for putting permanent labels on a variety of objects. Simply put, it is a three-step procedure that entails:

  • Spray application

Firstly, the item is pre-treated with a laser marking solution.

LBT100 is available in a pre-mixed form with the appropriate consistency for ease of application. It is a ready-to-use solution that does not need to be diluted.

Simply spray it evenly like paint, let it to dry, and let the technology do the rest!

  • Laser irradiation

The focused laser beam is then irradiated onto the spray-coated surface. The laser beam emitted by an effective marking system strikes a tiny area of the material known as the focal point.

The heat created by the laser allows the marking agent to be permanently bonded to the material, which is enhanced by the strong bonding strength between the two.


More precisely, the unique bonding capabilities of nanoparticles make LaserBond™ solutions ideal for marking most metals, glass, ceramic, and stone surfaces.

  • Removal of the unbound material

Once marked with laser, the last step is to wash off the extra material with water to avoid imperfections and meet the highest quality standards.


The resultant laser-bonded marks will be high-contrast, high-resolution, and as durable as the substrate itself.

Yes, it’s that simple!

How to Use LaserBond Products?

LaserBond™ products are available in aerosol spray cans as well as liquid ink containers. For convenience, there are several forms of application such as manual or air brushing, industrial spraying, or roll coating.

Since laser marking ink is concentrated, it needs to be diluted with denatured alcohol for optimal results, which saves you both time and money when marking bulk products.

How Long Does Laser Marking Last?

Laser bonding has shown to be the most effective approach for producing highly visible, long-lasting imprints that can survive extreme weather conditions.

Laser Marking Technology

Mark Durability

Laser bonding has shown to be the most effective approach for producing highly visible, long-lasting imprints that can survive extreme weather Laser markings on soft metals such as aluminum, as well as hard materials such as stainless steel alloys, have been proven to be completely resistant to:.

  • Extreme heat (as in sterilization processes)

  • Extreme cold or heavy rainfall

  • Strong acids, bases, and other organic solvents

  • Sheer mechanical force, scratching, or abrasion (as in manufacturing processes)

While there are many variables that may affect the mark quality, the most prominent ones include:

  • Substrate surface

  • Laser power & type

  • Marking system & marking speed

  • Material thickness

  • Spray coating thickness

  • Spot size

However, to achieve the finest marking results, LaserBond 100 is your go-to product.

Needless to say, laser marking technology improves all aspect of daily life. Recently, there has been a surge in interest in embracing laser bonding technology for a wide range of domestic, industrial, and creative applications, including medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics, artistic, military, and many more.

Intrinsic Advantages of LaserBond 100

With the use of a simple metal marking spray, laser owners have been able to customize or serialize countless metal components and other elements.

It has become a preferred choice of manufacturers due to the advantages it offers:

  • Non-destructive, permanent markings

  • Fast & high-productivity

  • Long-term readability

  • High precision

  • Biocompatibility

  • Cost-effective

  • No environmental impact

  • Safe & easy to use

When it comes to performance, you have questions, and we have answers! With LaserBond 100, you can make things happen right away!